Professional Rizz: Make Recruiters Want You.


Tired of chasing after Recruiters and Job posters for your next gig? What if there was a way to turn the tables around? Here are 7 powerful tips to make Recruiters want you.

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Make Recruiters want you!

Okay, there’s no juju or jazz involved, In case my tone implied some supernatural forces at play. Just kidding…or not, I think it’s personally overstated and very obvious that today’s job industry is heavily saturated. You’d see a job posting and find 100+ applicants for it in 30 minutes.


But at the same time, while Recruiters screen thousands of applications daily, they also set their eyes out for top talents personally. They’re like those undercover detectives watching your every move and gauging your potential. For people they like, they go after them, without the candidate applying first.

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Undercover Detectives.

Imagine the thrill of that- getting noticed for your competence.

That’s what I’d be discussing with you guys today. It all begins with making recruiters see your value.

Similarly, it has to do with your perceived personality, etiquette, and preparedness. In this

article, I’ll show you proven strategies that’ll make recruiters notice you and stop at nothing

to hire you.

Make Recruiters Want You by Polishing Your Online Presence

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Polish your online presence.

If they’re going to be looking for you, they need something tangible to look at. Y’all feel me?

Your online presence is in the top three most important things to work on. It’s how they perceive you. It’s all they got before reaching out to get to know you better. You need your online presence to be mind-blowing. Concoct a well-written summary about yourself that tells a professional and somewhat personal story of yourself. Use a captivating professional photo and have a compelling headline that makes your profile impossible to ignore.

Tailor Your CV and Cover Letter

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Tailor your CV/Resume

If you want to gain attraction from your resume, you have to make yours stand out. Recruiters review unending applications and will bypass a generic resume. Ensure yours is specific and tailored to the role you’re applying for. Emphasize the necessary skills, education, and experiences you have that relate to the role. It shows them that you have abilities that align

with their needs.

Side Trick: The Jobs description is your best friend holding up neon signs of what the recruiter is looking for. Use it to see if you are a good fit and tailor your resume to include exactly what they’re looking for. Don’t just copy and paste it, make it organic and well-written. This will also help you beat Bots or AIs that recruiters use to weed out unnecessary or subpar applications.

Create a Network and Personal Brand

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Build your brand.

A similar factor that helps your online presence is the brand you create for yourself. Review

your profile and ask yourself- What will people think of when they skim any of my media


A quick way to build a brand in this regard is to present yourself as an authority. This

can happen by showcasing your works, organizing webinars, and consistently creating posts on trending and important topics in your industry. This massively increases your chances for recruiters to reach out to you themselves because they can see that you do indeed know what you’re talking about not to mention, your communication skills.

Research the Company and Position

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Conduct Research.

Before you apply for any role, conduct extensive research on the company and the role you’re going for. If they have recent product launches, recent collaborations, and the sort, know about it.

It impresses recruiters when you can form conversations about their organization beyond basic knowledge.

Prepare for the Interview

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Prep for your interview.

If/when you make it past the application process, you’ll be due for an interview. Here’s another chance to wow them. You must practice common interview questions, alongside questions relating to the specific role. Similarly, you should be ready to talk about your past experiences and accomplishments. Confidence, charisma, and grace are key traits to show during any interview process. Show the recruiters that their organization will be better for it, with you on board.

Consequently, you must rehearse this process well enough, research and write down potential interview questions and prepare yourself on how to answer them directly, without talking all over yourself and being incoherent. You can ask your family, friends, or colleagues to help you practice.

Showcase Your Soft Skills

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Soft skills.

Another way to blow their minds is to always showcase your soft skills at every chance you get.

Allow your soft skills to reek from your resume, your cover letter, and your conversations.

Beyond technical abilities, recruiters want candidates with teamwork, communication, and

problem-solving skills. Give practical examples of how you used your soft skills

to achieve great success in past experiences. These examples will leave a lasting

impression in the recruiters’ minds.

Follow-Up After the Interview

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Don’t forget to follow up

The interview doesn’t end when you leave the room. Follow up with a thank-you email, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to interview. Reinforce your interest in the position and mention a key point from the interview that resonated with you. The thoughtfulness behind this act will make them like you.


By implementing these strategies, I assure you that you’ll become so irresistible that Recruiters wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off you (professionally that is lol).

Stay persistent and confident, and soon you’d land that dream job you’ve been working hard to achieve with ease.

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