GRAFTING 101: Are You Networking Hard Enough?


In a world where opportunities wait for no one, networking is no longer a luxury activity. It’s a survival skill. You have no choice but to get it right.

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The clock ticks away and simple handshakes don’t cut it anymore. 

Now, you may have several networking strategies and make efforts, with no tangible result still. Let’s not blame our village people just yet.🤭

Take deep breath’s and ask yourself- “Am I networking hard enough?”

In this piece, I’ll ask you several other questions, provide answers to some, and help you answer others yourself.

Why is Networking So Important?

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Now, many of us know, off the top of our head, that networking is important in our career life. However, how exactly does it show its impact? I’ll give some instances.

If you network well enough, you can learn about opportunities you never knew existed. You can access life-changing mentorships or meet your next business partner. It’s more than a meet and greet. It’s where you forge some of the most important personal and professional relationships in life. We’re all more connected than we know, and networking roots deep into the lifeblood of our growth.

Bringing us to the next question;

Are You Choosing Quality Over Quantity?

Yes, I’m imploring you to network, but not anyhowly. It’s not just about meeting people, but meeting the right ones. Networking hard enough isn’t a measure of the number of connections you make. It’s about the potential value you can get in return. 

Subtle shade- Amass Value, not Business Cards. 💀

One way to identify a person of value is in the manner of conversation and their personal network. Ask thoughtful questions to learn how they think. This way, you can learn the personalities they admire, their perspective to life, experiences, and philosophy on world theories.

Are Your Networking Strategies Bearing Fruit?

Suppose you began your networking efforts and have been consistent with it. How do you know it’s working? 

Disclaimer: The end goal of networking isn’t exclusive to getting a job. 

If anything, the best time to network is when you don’t need anything.

It has several other purposes. See them as secret ingredients to your success recipe. Here are ways to know if your strategy bears fruit; Do your efforts trigger captivating conversations that linger, long after your first encounter? Are you finding mutual interests? Is there an exchange of value? Are there potential seeds for collaboration and impact exchange?

Imagine your network as a garden, where each connection is a seed in the soil. When you nurture the relationships with care, those seeds flourish into opportunities that can as well change your life’s trajectory for good. 

If you don’t notice any of these factors after a reasonable time of interacting with a new network, change your strategy. It’s not bearing you fruit. Good fruits, at least.😂

Also, find ways to be of value to anyone you meet, whether or not they’re more experienced or impactful. It makes the process more sustainable.

Give Value, Get Value.

Are you Embracing Diversity?

Some of us tend to focus on building connections solely within our desired or current career industry. Some also network in their immediate locality. It’s limiting and dangerous, especially in today’s interconnected world.

Opportunities lie everywhere. 

A diverse network has several use cases; It can be a good means to cross-carpet careers. I mean, if you already interact with experts in your new field, you can ease into it better. Again, it helps with your organizational skills, suppose you work in a team with professionals from several other career fields. 

P.s: For some of you goal getters trying to secure international jobs or travel to a new country, having networks in those places can make the process less difficult.

Generally, diversifying your network allows you to learn about several experiences, cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. This exposes you to a mirror of ideas, creativity, and adaptability.

How Well Do You Utilize Your Online Tools?

Today, people make more lasting connections virtually than physically. What’s your online presence like? How would people perceive you by just scrolling through your LinkedIn? I mean, do you have a LinkedIn account? 

While you want to make valuable connections, ensure people see you as one too.

Be a Valuable Connection.

You can start by engaging purposefully, curating your online presence, optimizing your profile, and amplifying your reach. 

When you meet people online (or physically even), radiate positivity, show charisma, focus on empathy and mutual respect. Use proper networking etiquette to make them feel valued.

My final thoughts

In the end, remember that networking isn’t a chore; it’s a game of human connection. One handshake, one invite, one conversation, one connection. Embrace the journey, find passion for it, for it’s a sure means to attain many things you so desire.


Meet Duke, a creative and results-driven copywriter and content writer passionate about bringing brands to life through words. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, Duke has been helping businesses of all sizes reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals for over half a decade.

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